Common Front for Social Justice

For Immediate Publication


Moncton, NB, Wednesday, February 23, 2005 . The New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice believes that is time to balance the budget for human needs because this surplus could significantly reduce poverty and inequalities. The Common front believes that families and individuals living in poverty must have adequate incomes so that they can provide for themselves and their families. Therefore, we believe that the federal government has an important role to play in providing adequate income to people living in poverty especially those on social assistance. Our campaigns have concentrated on the cause of poverty and the elimination of poverty as our long term goal. Governments must raise and protect the basic living standards for families and individuals in this country.

Poverty is not only defined as people living on social assistance bit also includes children,seniors the youth ,the working poor single women, people with disabilities and seasonal workers to name a few. Therefore governments must continue to enhance our E.I. programs, ensure quality and accessible health care, and create more affordable housing and increase funding post secondary education. Investing in social infrastructure and providing adequate funding for the Canada social transfers are also long overdue.

Low income families, children and individuals continue far below the poverty line regardless of economic growth or recessions, therefore social investment is crucial in reducing the poverty rate. Governments must make stronger commitments towards social investment and development because poverty does have an unquestionable impact on our communities and economy.


For more information, please call the Co-Chairs . Mary Anne LeBlanc – 648-6989 (W) or 633-9881 (H) or John Gagnon – 547-6061 (W) 545-0651 (Cell.) or 545-6800 (H) , or at the Common Front Office – 857-2125