The Common Front for Social Justice is fighting to build a more human society based on the respect and dignity of all. We want a New Brunswick without poverty. We want a society which give each and everyone a decent living, in particular by having a minimum wage and social income on which citizens can to live on and not just exist. We believe that every citizen can develop his full potential and become fully engage in the social, economic and cultural development of New-Brunswick.  

PETITION - Fight for $15 + Justice

To participate in the petition, please fill in the date, name and address, along with your name as a signature and click on "submit" and the cheque will be directly emailed to us.

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JOIN US! Our AGM will be taking place in Miramichi, NB on May 28th. Read More


picture April 15th was the National Day of Action for the Fight for 15$ + Justice! Groups accross Canada organized activities. Here in New Brunswick we had gatherings in Moncton and Saint John Read More

Open letter to Francine Landry - 4/1/2016

The Common Front for Social Justice supports the Government of New Brunswick in regards to the province establishing a statutory holiday in February. Read More

Minimum Wage Increase: The bare minimum for workers - 3/31/2016

Press release  Read More

Federal Budget positive for citizens living in poverty - 3/23/2016

The Common Front for Social Justice believes many initiatives included in the federal budget will help low-salary workers, and people living in poverty. Revised News release. Commentary. Read More

One step forward,two steps back-March 8, International Women's Day - 3/7/2016

``One step forward, two steps back’’ really summarizes the situation of women in the labour market in the last 10 years. userfiles/file/March%208-Women%20and%20Jobs_Final. Read More

Low-income workers speak out! - 2/19/2016

Low-income workers speak out! The Common Front has collected stories of  low-income workers in New Brunswick. Read the document Read the news release. Read More

Open letter to Brian Gallant - 1/19/2016

 Provincial Budget : Open letter to Brian Gallant. One person in seven lives below the poverty line in our province.Last year, there were no increase of the minimum wage and no increase in the basic rates for social assistance recipients, even when the Cost of Living was increasing. Letter. Read More

Real Choices to Move New Brunswick Forward - 1/14/2016

Real Choices to move New Brunswick Forward. There  are other options. Read our choices.   Read More

Strategic Program Review: What we found out? - 1/14/2016

 The Liberal government has made a serie of proposals to get the province moving forward.  What are the impacts on jobs, services to families ? Job creation (1), Getting our finances in order (31), Improving services to families (3), Job loss (16), Less services to families (7). Read our document. Read More

Increase Minimum Wage : Good News! - 12/22/2015

Press Release Read More

Food prices increase - 12/10/2015

Increase in the price of food : Bad news for everybody, even more for three categories of citizens  Press release Read More

Privatization of government services and poverty - 11/30/2015

Read More

Canada Without Poverty analyses the New Brunsiwck Poverty Reduction plan - 11/15/2015

Canada Without Poverty has analyzed the different provinces' Poverty Reduction Plans. A good read.  Find it on their website under - 2015 Poverty Progress Profiles http://www.cwp-csp.ca/poverty/poverty-progress-profiles/ Read More

Fight for $15 + Justice - 11/6/2015

pictureToday, the CFSJ wants to particularly target the working poor, namely the thousands of men and women who, day after day, contribute to a part of the economy. Often, these workers receive inadequate pay and the provincial employment standards are the only thing protecting them in their workplace. Read More

Annual General Meeting- Theme: Working Poor - 3/29/2015

We all know that there are thousands of workers who have jobs but can’t make ends meet. This needs to change. We will address the issue of the minimum wage and minimum standards, the Pay Day Loan industry and the organizations who are opposing any changes in the workplace to help these workers. Invitation Letter. Agenda. Registration Form. Read More

Women and Poverty: March 8 ,International Women's Day - 3/6/2015

Women and Poverty. On the whole, we can say that women’s situation did not change a lot in the last year. The gains they made were not very impressive.`` News release. Update document-2015. Read More

New Brunswick Strategic Program Review-Our suggestions - 2/26/2015

The New Brunswick provincial government is asking citizens to participate in its Strategic Program Review. The Common Front for Social Justice Inc. has sent its suggestions. Read the document. Read More

Common Front against HST increase - 2/24/2015

Income tax instead of Consumption tax.  We believe that if we need to bring in new revenue to the province, it would be better to do it through our income tax system. News release. Read More

Suggestions for the public consultations during the New Brunswick Strategic Program Review - 1/31/2015

The NB Common Front for Social Justice has written a document with suggestions to help the conversation during the New Brunswick Strategic Program Review Public consultations. Summary. Full document. Read More

Open letter to Premier Brian Gallant - 1/29/2015

Twenty-six organizations have signed a joint letter asking Premier Brian Gallant for more openness in the provincial Strategic Program Review. Open letter. Read More

2014 Annual Review- Poverty Reduction - 1/2/2015

The NB Common Front for Social Justice unveiled today its Annual Review of actions taken by the provincial government to reduce poverty in 2014. Executive Summary. Annual Review-Modified February 27, 2015. Read More

Federal Pre-Budget consultations-Not invited! - 12/18/2014

Joe Oliver, Federal Minister of Finances is holding pre-budget consultations, but not everybody is welcome. A number of groups helded a news conference to contemps the minister but also to suggest some prioriies for the upcoming budget. Read the text. Read More

Poverty Reduction not a priority in the Speech from the Throne - 12/3/2014

There are no mention of the word poverty and no initiatives in to reduce poverty in the speech from the Throne. News release. Read More

Open letter to Brian Gallant - 11/11/2014

The NB Common Front has sent an open  letter to Brian Gallant asking him to open the debate on the future of economic development in our province and not just listen to voices like Frank McKenna and Donald Savoie. Reuserfiles/file/Open%20letter%20to%20Brian%20Gallant_-M%C3%A9dia.pdfad the letter. Read More

Hunger Count 2014- Still to many citizens using food banks in NB - 11/4/2014

Hunger Count 2014- Still to many citizens using food banks in NB. Since 2008, there has been a constant increase in NB citizens using food banks. Read the news release. Read More

Cathy Rogers, new minister of Social Development- Good choice - 10/8/2014

Cathy Rogers, MLA for Moncton South, has been chosen as the new minister for Social Development. A very good choice for citizens living in poverty. News release. Electoral promises. Read More

Seniors will pay more. - 10/2/2014

A number of pharmacies were giving rebates on the drug co-payment to seniors who are under the NB Prescription Drug Program-Seniors (Plan A). We have just found out that since yesterday, October 1, 2014, NB pharmacies will stop giving out this rebate. Read the Memorandum of Understanding. Read the NB Pharmacists Association Bulletin. Read More

Provincial Forum- A new government, a new direction? - 9/25/2014

The NB Common Front for Social Justice Inc. is organizing a Provincial Forum: Poverty: A new government, a new direction?  The forum is Friday October 17, 2014, International Day for the Elimination of Poverty. Poster. Registration Form. Read More

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